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What is Sage 100c?

Sage 100c

Connected, Collaborative and Customer-focused

What is Sage 100c?


Sage 100c is a modernized version of Sage 100


We're still getting used to the name change from MAS 90 to Sage 100 and now we're hearing about Sage 100c. What's up?

Not to worry. First of all, absolutely nothing has changed with respect to the three "flavors" of Sage 100: Sage 100 StandardSage 100 Advanced or Sage 100 Premium. That's not what it's about.


What is Sage 100c? Think of Sage 100c as a "deluxe" version of Sage 100. The interface has been freshened up. Sage 100c is based on the same Sage 100 business management platform we’ve offered for decades, now modernized with a new user interface and mobile access. Otherwise, Sage 100c features the same capabilities as the latest version of Sage 100 (currently Sage 100 2018).

Who can use Sage 100c?Current users can upgrade Sage 100c today! Sage 100 users currently on a maintenance plan are (at their option) able to upgrade to Sage 100 or to Sage 100c. New users or users currently off their maintenance plan will be able to upgrade directly to Sage 100c.


When will Sage 100c become available?
Sage 100c is available now!


What is Sage 100 2018? Sage 100 2018 (available now) is the latest version of Sage 100 without the interface improvements in Sage 100c. In functionality, it's identical to Sage 100c


The announcement of Sage 100c at Sage Summit 2015:

"The "C" stands for connected, collaborative and customer-focused. Sage 100c will give you the freedom to stay with the trusted solution that you've counted on for years. You'll have the confidence to leverage new technology at your own pace without disrupting your business."

Sage 100c

Get all of the 2018 enhancements, plus a new modernized user interface that will shorten the learning curve.

  • Make navigation easier—Change fonts on the desktop and task windows and customize desktop themes and color schemes.

  • See persistent web content—Get to commonly used websites and activate services including Sage Payments and Sage Payroll quickly and easily.

  • Increase personalization and security—Allow users to change colors and themes, while only seeing the information they are authorized to see.

  • Improve application scaling—Change the resolution of your screen to fit properly on high definition screens.

  • Get business insights—Improved access to the Business Insights Dashboard, which has been given a modernized look.

Sage 100c for Manufacturing

Take control of the entire manufacturing process

Sage 100c does more than help you deliver what your customers order. It automates how you manage complex jobs on time and on budget. With Sage 100c Manufacturing, you'll have an automated workhorse to manage and track the complete job lifecycle of everything you produce - from estimating, purchasing and sales orders through to costing and tracking, job planning and data collection.

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