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Drive value. Increase flexibility. Upgrade your Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200) Software environment to optimize your investment.

Sage 100 Upgrade Information 


If your version of Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200) is at version 4.50 or older, now is the time to consider upgrading.


Sage retired v4.5 on September 30, 2015. This means that you will no longer have access to important service packs, security hotfixes, or compliance, tax table and payroll updates.


Where do you begin?


First we need to figure out what version of Sage 100 you’re using. You can check your system version by navigating to Help / About from the Sage 100 launcher.


What does a Sage 100 upgrade entail?


Parallel System Installation
In most cases, we will perform a parallel install, so you will be able to continue working in your current Sage 100 system while a test environment is prepared.


Everything is Tested
You will have time to thoroughly test the new version to make sure you are familiar with any changes and confirm that all of your forms and reports are correct, printing properly, etc.


Go Live
Once the new version has been successfully tested, we’ll schedule a go live time and date. This final go live will involve some down time. Your Keystone consultant will be able to give you an estimate for the length of down time, since the consultant will have determined this during the test conversion.
For those companies that cannot afford any down time, we can discuss options for an after-hours upgrade services.


How much does it cost to upgrade Sage 100?


Unfortunately there’s no standardized cost to upgrade Sage 100. The amount of time needed and tasks required will vary depending on your current system and requirements. The amount of time it will take to upgrade your system will depend on the following factors:


  • The amount of data you have in your system

  • What version you are upgrading from

  • Whether or not you have add-ons or custom programs


As a highly experinaced Sage Reseller, Keystone Software will provide you a fixed price quote to upgrade your Sage 100 ERP software. 


We’ll review your installed modules and help put together an upgrade project plan to give you an exact idea of what to expect.


Will my hardware be compatible with the new version?


You can refer to the Sage Supported Platform Matrix link on the right of this page under ugrade resources for Sage 100 ERP Standard (MAS 90), Sage 100 ERP Advanced (MAS 200) or Sage 100 Premium (MAS 200 SQL) to see what workstations and servers are supported.  This document also has information about Terminal Services and virtual platforms. 


If you are ready to replace your server, then moving to a new server is a seamless process when done in conjunction with an upgrade.  We will simply set up the test environment on the new server, and after the final migration and conversion, you will go live on the new server.



Are You Ready to Upgrade?


Request a FREE FIXED PRICE Sage 100 Upgrade Proposal Today!


"We rely on Keystone for all of our technology needs.  We do what we do best, and they do what they do best"

  Mike Mumma, M.B. Mumma  

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