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Company Profile

Keystone Software Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated accounting, business management, payroll, CRM and fixed asset solutions for small to mid-sized companies in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. 

We work with Sage Software, Inc. business and accounting software. Sage products provide critical business insights for bottom-line decision making through a full range of easy-to-use, scalable and customizable applications, including: Sage 100 (Formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200), Sage CRM, and Sage BusinessWorks. 

Founded in 1998, Keystone Software Solutions has a company philosophy that revolves around:

Our knowledge, skill and ability to serve our customers, who deserve high quality products, and reliable service at reasonable prices. 

Long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity. 

Our values: loyalty, creativity and productivity.


Above all else, we work hard to succeed so our customers can succeed. 

The #1 Value-Added Reseller in the Mid-Atlantic States, Keystone Software Solutions specializes in Sage100 Standard, Advanded and Premium, (Formerly Sage MAS 90 & MAS 200) Sage CRM, Sage Fixed Assests, Sage Intelligence, Sage Inventory Advisor, Crystal Reports and Sage BusinessWorks. The company's expertise crosses many industries including service, construction, light manufacturing, core accounting as well as wholesale distribution.

Why Keystone?
About Sage 

Few companies have the level of expertise that we bring to accounting and business software. We possess the accounting, business, and software backgrounds necessary to ensure our customers have the knowledge necessary to take full advantage of their system's features.     


Distinguished by Sage Software, Inc. for exceeding industry standards, Keystone Software Solutions was recognized with the Presidential Award in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Keystone Software Solutions received the Chairman's Award in 2003 for surpassing previous year's accomplishments. In 2004 Keystone Software Solutions was awarded and recognized at the Sage board level.    

Keystone Software Solutions serves over 400 clients in many different industries throughout the tri-state area. We have a reputation for excellence and invite you to call our customers and confirm our excellent service.  

Our corporate office is located in Reading, Pennsylvania with convenient access to all cities in the tri-state area.       


At Keystone Software Solutions, we are very proud of the solutions we provide to businesses. We see ourselves as an organization of individuals dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and developing successful partner relationships.  

Our co-workers are the foundation of our success.  

Our value-based pricing ensures you won't over-spend, or under-receive. 


Above all else, we work hard to succeed so our customers can succeed. 



Sage is a world-leading supplier of accounting and business management software to start-up, small, and midsized businesses. Our purpose is to help our customers run their businesses more effectively—helping them gain greater insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes. Our applications cover a wide range of business requirements, including accounting, customer relationship management, contact management, human resources, warehouse management, and specialized products for specific industries.

Sage North America has more than 3.2 million customers with offices across the U.S. and Canada. Our corporate office is located in Irvine, California.


Standing behind that are our principles for operating the business—agility, innovation, trust and integrity, and simplicity—all of which keep us closely connected with our customers.


Sage Brand


Our brand, Sage, is used by all operating entities of The Sage Group, plc. The Sage Group, plc is the parent company of Sage North America and is located in the United Kingdom. With more than 6 million customers, Sage has offices in 23 countries worldwide. For more information about our brand, view Sage Brand.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable supporter of small and medium sized companies by creating greater freedom for them to succeed.


This means that we pride ourselves on understanding how and why your business is unique and providing you with products and services that suit your needs, are a pleasure to use and are secure and efficient.


You tell us that your work lives are risky enough, and that you need to trust the basics are taken care of. You want a smart, efficient business and you want us to keep it simple for you. You prefer to deal with real people whenever you can when you have issues that you need us to resolve for you.


We measure our success by your success. From the intuitive design of our software to the expertise of our people, we focus on giving you the freedom, confidence and control you need to achieve your business ambitions. And we want to do it so well that you’ll recommend us to other people.



"Keystone did a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking in the most positive sense. They identified what was wrong and began the retraining and reconfiguration necessary fix it."


Doreen Novi, Office Manager, Laminar Flow Inc.


Above all else, we work hard to succeed so our customers can succeed. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to you!


Bill Delgado, President, Keystone Software Solutions

Providing SAGE 100 Business and Accounting Software and Services 

Sage 100
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